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About Jen

Jen creates engaging designs across the whole branding spectrum, including print and advertising materials. Based in San Diego, CA, Jen increases brand awareness on a global scale via print, social and web medias.

Jen designs everything from concept to completion, working with clients every step of the way. Your input is just as important as hers.


Cross-platform design is integral with the websites Jen creates. From concept to completion, from computer to smartphone, your website will drive traffic while making a statement.


The education of the person is never complete. Jen believes learning never ends, so she works hard to keep her designs and skills as up to date a possible, giving you the best product available.

Meet Jen

Jen has spent the last 15+ years working with design and code.
She has the unique ability to do both, which is rare in the industry.
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    Jen Kaye

    Jen has adapted her work for many different industries, giving her a wide variety of design styles. She works hard and is a slight perfectionist, with a penchant for clean, crisp designs and well-formatted code.

Skills + Thrills

It's important to keep honing your skills, especially in the world we live in today. What's new is a fun challenge for Jen. It's important to always improve.

Adobe Creative Suite

The creative suite encompasses Jen's world on a daily basis - she loves Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver in particular.

Video Editing

Jen understands how a video should flow and loves the challenge of cutting the perfect video. Sync the video with the perfect music or audio and it becomes golden!


While cityscapes and nature are her favorite, Jen has no problem photographing products or people in a studio setting. She's willing to do just about anything to get that perfect shot!


Code is the challenge Jen loves - the satisfaction of creating sites with great functionality never gets old. Her favorites are HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL and jQuery. Jen is in the process of learning HTML5.

Social Media

Who isn't on social media these days? Jen is a planner and very organized, so she knows what it takes to get you the followers you need on all different social media platforms.

Running, Baking + Fun

Inspiration comes from many places, including Jen's other personal outlets. Ideas and code are figured out while running, designs and techniques inspired from cake decorating, sewing and crafting.

Some interesting facts about Jen

Jen has a drive that keeps her wanting more. Whether it's professional or personal
projects and goals, she aims for and achieves results.

Projects Completed
Cakes Designed
Satisfied Clients
Races Completed
  • "Jennifer was an integral part of the New Media team and made a significant contribution to KCET during a busy time. She is knowledgeable about web technologies and detail oriented - accomplishing her work efficiently and professionally. I am confident that Jennifer will be a valuable asset to your organization."
    Anil Dewan // Manager of New Media, KCET
  • "Mrs. Kaye takes the initiative to ensure that projects are properly scoped out. She has provided our team great insights to how up-to-date technologies can benefit our web and mobile app projects. Our production team enjoyed working with her. Kaye is easy to work with, responsive with on the fly work requests and always finishes her tasks on time."
    Toby Chi // Owner, Defy Agency
  • "Jen has functioned as our Graphic and web designer -marketing and media advisor during the period July 2008 to August 2009. Exhibiting a professional work ethic, skills and knowledge of the Graphic design industry-marketing. She has been an asset to our organization. It was a pleasure having Jen as part of our team and we wish her every success. Should you wish to discuss her attributes in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us."
    Joseph Bezic // President, Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co.
  • "Jennifer's organizational skills and her ability to meet deadlines helped produce outstanding results for our clients. She works quickly and accurately, and when faced with a new challenge, she figures out how to overcome it. The results of Jennifer's leadership allowed James Ross Advertising to increase our web-based revenues by over 35% in the first year."
    Neil Ross // CEO, James Ross Advertising
  • "Jennifer brought energy and a positive attitude to any project that was handed to her. Her judgement, professionalism and work ethics allowed her to work remotely from the other side of the continent when telecommunicating was not allowed at the company. Jennifer was a valuable asset to the team and I would make room for her at anytime in the future."
    Jae Paik // Director of Web Development, National Planning Corp.
  • "Jennifer worked well with the team of developers, network administrators and business owners, and was constant praised for her quality of work and commitment to the projects. While Jennifer was part of our team, we hit 90% of every production deadline, without her, we have averaged 65%."
    Oscar Martinez // Vice President, National Planning Corp.
  • "Jennifer was a fantastic intern and was extremely good at figuring out how to do things she had never done before. While she worked for me, she learned and applied new Actionscript for Flash functionality--a real code warrior. She also had a great design sensibility and was good at following through on her own. I wish her the very best."
    Phyllis Boyd // Executive Director, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jen's Work

Jen has been designing for 15+ years in a variety of different industries.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin
For a more extensive sampling of work, check out Jen's portfolio on Behance.

Beautifully designed work with exceptional attention to detail. See the exceptional companies Jen has lent her creative expertise.

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